Coastal Carvings & Sculptures

"The art of revealing beauty lies in removing what conceals it..."

Judith Hanson Lasafer

Phil Costello, principal wood carver has learned with, and studied under, some of the most accomplished Master Carvers in the Northeast.


David Calvo from Rockport MA opened up the road to Phil's vision in the carving and sculpture world. Phil then spent many hours under the guidance and auspices of Dimetrious Klatsis carving in his Western Massachusetts studio. Dimetrious, an accomplished Master carver, is renown for his international accomplishments and is sought after for professional instruction ability in the carving world. Phil also had the opportunity to carve under the direction of Christopher Pye, internationally known Master Wood Carver and instructor, at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport Maine.


With this phenomenal instruction and experience Phil is now creating beautiful nautical carvings and sculptures. When in southern Maine stop in and visit with Phil in his studio. You, like so many, will marvel at what can often be produced from a simple piece of wood.

Coastal Carvings is located in the studio at Castaways at Compass Pointe showcasing nautical carvings and various sculptures.

The process of carving begins with an idea and then creating the design.  Once the design is created the type of wood is determined.  The woods preferred by Phil are English Limewood (Basswood), African Mahogany, Butternut and Spanish Cedar.

The design is then projected onto the wood and his carving begins.    Hours are then spent creating the piece.  Using a vice to hold the wood in place, a chisel or gouge is held in one hand and the tool is struck with a mallet using the other.


The time involved in a wood carving varies upon the size and the details of the piece.  A single carving can take anywhere from 10 - 60 hours or more to complete.

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